B O R N . I N . J A P A N . R A I S E D . I N . T H E . S T R E E T S . O F . L O S . A N G E L E S

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Breaking Rules ... Breaking Convention

Unlike conventional bicycles, the Factor 001 has been designed from the ground up as an integrated, cohesive device.  By taking component integration to a new level the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts – riders of the Factor 001 will experience unprecedented efficiency, responsiveness and durability.

The Factor 001 is much more than a joy to ride. It is the first truly modern training aid for the serious athlete. The fully integrated, multi-channel ergonometric data recording system delivers a richer record of athletic performance than could previously be achieved. For the first time, riders and their coaches can collect and analyse laboratory-quality data in a real-world environment.

Ultimately, the Factor 001 is an interpretation of design when abandoning convention and taking a clean sheet approach to a classic design challenge. The aim was to achieve function by optimal design with integration a key element to producing a clean and smooth machine that is not only beautiful, but elegant and ultimately efficient in all areas.