B O R N . I N . J A P A N . R A I S E D . I N . T H E . S T R E E T S . O F . L O S . A N G E L E S

Thursday, February 11, 2010


The White Panda is a mash-up/remix duo made up of Tom Evans (aka Procrast) and Dan Griffith (aka DJ Griffi) based out of Chicago and Los Angeles.
Panda formed in early 2009 after the duo decided to collaborate on their independent efforts. The two have been composing and producing music together on and off for about 7 years but just recently started focusing primarily on mash-ups.

Most of The White Panda’s trackz focus on Indie Pop/Rock Instrumentals vs. Rap/Hip Hop vocals. Nothing new, but with a strong efficiency for the dancefloors of the clubs & someone has create to these rap bastards.

The duo released their debut mixtape, entitled “Versus”, some weeks ago. You can Download the continous mix or as well the 33 seperated tracks here.