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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why I Love Skateboarding So Much ....

by Cato

Why I love skateboarding so much...  Simple... But how do I define it?? is it the CONFIDENCE it gives you when you conquer an obstacle no matter the size or take a fall and realize its not going to be so bad? is it the DISCIPLINE you acquire while mastering this skill that requires constant attention to all the mental and all the physical aspects? Could it be the TENACITY it allow us to discover in ourselves while merely hanging with the boys and chasing that "Hey I could do that" dream we all see every once and a while. Is it that COURAGE we get when we get over that initial fear, or the ADRENALINE you get when you feel yourself getting closer to your final destination. Then there's the whole ARTISTIC aspect we are literally poetry in motion, and like all other art it crosses multiple boundaries while relatively having none of its own.