B O R N . I N . J A P A N . R A I S E D . I N . T H E . S T R E E T S . O F . L O S . A N G E L E S

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Lupe Fiasco’s Trilly and Truly just added a more sophisticated element to its brand with Overthrown Junta by Trilly and Truly. 
The small capsule collection consists of classic leather motorcycle jacket designs in both the long-sleeve and sleeveless form. 
Made in New York by respected manufacturer Coyote Leathers, 
the jackets are classic design with a fresh camo twist.
 Retail for the vest and jacket is set at $3000 USD and $4000 USD.
 RSVP Gallery being the first official stockist of the new line Overthrown Junta by Trilly and Truly.